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Be prepared to keep your hot tub water clean

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Bather load has a lot to do with spa chemical consumption. The more people using the hot tub, the more chemicals will be required. The more frequent the hot tub is used, again the more chemicals will be required.

Even adding one more person will put a demand on your spa water for more spa chemicals. During the summer when most hot tub hosts will be barbequing and entertaining which always means extra hot tub activity, with the possibility of sunscreen washing off in the tub and worse still spilling ones sparkling wine in there!

Fun and frolics in a hot tub!

Fun and frolics in a hot tub!

So in preparation for this spell of extra hot tub traffic make sure you test the water , balance accordingly and keep some spa shock on stand by. After each use broadcast a cap full of spa shock across the water’s surface. This will always keep you ahead of the cloudy water and your guest feeling pretty good about getting into some hot water.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry…
Hot tubs are a wonderful addition to a lifestyle of rest and relaxation and a great way to spend time with friends and family. Don’t let a dirty hot tub ruin the summer holiday fun and frolics. Keep your water balanced and properly shocked – stay ahead of the dirty water blues!

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