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Hot Tubs relieve the symptoms of Sports Injuries and Arthritis

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It has been scientifically proven that hot tubs really do help relieve the symptoms of various sports injuries. Athletes both professional and amateurs alike find that after a full on days training it is extremely beneficial for muscle relaxation, which helps them perform equally well day after day. Hot tubs can also prevent injuries from [...]

Enjoying a Winter Hot Tub is the Best!

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The initial thought of possibly enjoying a hot tub in the winter months might seem a little strange, but if you are already a hot tub owner you know that there is nothing more enjoyable on a freezing cold night than to cover those shoulders with lovely warm heat with jets power at all your [...]

Finding The Right Hot Tub For You!

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When you look into buying a hot tub you need to set a budget. For a top of the range hot tub you could pay over 10K for it with all the add ons such as Tv, surround sound stereo, extra lighting etc. It really is amazing that you can add on such luxuries in [...]

The Many Uses You Can Have From Swim Spas

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Swim spas an be used in many ways for fun, exercise and relaxation! It is a lot easier to fit in to our busy lifestyles too as it is right in our back garden! Swim spas perform as well as conventional pools for endurance training and many offer superior relaxation afterwards – especially if they [...]

Hot Tub and Swim Spa Sale is on Now!

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We have 20% off on all marked prices on our website for both hot tubs and swim spasthroughout January. Every single one of them has been reduced in price. This is a genuine sale so have a look at our full range and give us a call if you need anymore information. Our hot tubs [...]

Keeping injuries at bay by using a swim spa to excercise

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Exercising in water is the safest way to stay fit as most forms of exercise involve some risk of injury whether it be the knees or the back with running and aerobics, and the back with weightlifting. According to recent studies, sixty five percent of runners will suffer a significant injury each year – especially [...]

Covering Your Hot Tub for Efficiency & Safety

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Hot tub covers are a very important purchase that should come hand in hand when you buy a hot tub as it protects your tub from any outdoor enemies that you really don’t want going in there. There a several different standards of covers ranging from just a thermal cover, soft top covers and vinyl [...]

Beware of drinking too much alcohol in hot tubs

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When relaxing in your hot tub there is nothing better than enjoying the experience with a glass of wine whilst in there, but there is a line to be drawn on the amount of alcohol you consume whilst in there. When relaxing, it is easy too ‘tipple’ a little too much, but it is very [...]

Lift your mood in January and buy a hot tub.

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We all love December and the build up to Christmas. We are constantly eating rich foods and drinking far too much alcohol throughout the month added on with late nights courtesy of Christmas Parties that all seem to start kicking off on the 1st Dec! Then before we know it – its the first week [...]

10 Good Reasons To Buy A Hot Tub

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Have you nearly decided to buy a hot tub, but just need that final persuasive push?! See below ten great reasons to should make the leap. Chilling out in hot tubs has been proven to de-stress you, with the help of the powerful jets and warm water surrounding you Helps if you have high blood [...]

Hot Tub And Swim Spa Water Jet Problems and Solutions

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The water jets in hot tubs and swim spas provide the real experience that you seek from a spa. When they stop to working though, your experience also deteriorates. Have a look below at the common problems and what to do in each case can definitely improve the experience. Calcium Buildup: Calcium in hard water [...]

The Beauty Of Hydrotherapy And Hot Tubs

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What is  Hydrotherapy? It is the merging of heat, massage and weightlessness which delivers a sensation that relaxes the mind and body, but also heals. With an increased number of jets strategically placed for maximum benefit, hot tubs offer a supreme massaging therapy that increases the blood flow and aids circulation, reduces muscle strain after [...]

Christmas Is The Perfect Time For Enjoying Your Hot Tub!

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A lot of people associate relaxing in hot tubs along with sunny weather only, when really, hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round! It is a wonderfully relaxing experience any time of the year, more so when it is ice cold and snowy outside. With the beautiful Christmas fairy lights everywhere around you and [...]

Why Should I Buy a Swim Spa?

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A swim spa is an excellent addition to a household that is wanting a swimming pool in there garden but doesn’t want to fork out fortunes on building one. A swim spa is essentially a portable swimming pool which has built in resistant current settings that build up a force to help your swimming workout. [...]

Creating A Decked Home For Your Hot Tub

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Hot tubs are such a great addition to your home and can work really well with bringing the family closer together as the time spent in hot tubs are undisturbed without any electronic goods interrupting. But first you need to create the holding ground for it and what better looking way than to deck the [...]

The Best Ways of Keeping Hot Tubs Clean

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The first piece of advice we can offer you is to use a hot tub cover, don’t waste money on a cheap and flimsy one, this contraption is key in keeping rubbish and animals out of your hot tub, and also keeping heat in which keeps your monthly heating costs down. You will need to [...]

Swim Spas With Attached Hot Tubs Offer The Best Of Both Worlds

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If you are in the market for buying a swim spa, the best ones to go for are the spas that have a hot tub at the end as that way you get the best of both worlds! The main area of the pool is used for exercise and training, then when finished your workout, [...]

Energy Saving Tips For You Hot Tubs And Swim Spas

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As we know heat rises,  it is very important to buy a a good quality hot tub cover to stop the heat escaping as we want the heat to remain in the hot tub to keep the temperature up and not out into the open! If the hot tub cover is past its sell by [...]

A Simple Guide To Buying The Right Hot Tub For You

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So now you decide to make the move and add some luxury into your life in the form of buying a hot tub! You have the perfect garden spot planned out, but filling it needs to be research properly to make sure you pick the right sized hot tub for your needs! The size of [...]

All You Should Know About Hot Tubs And Temperature Control

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You cant beat the feeling of sitting in a hot tub after a stressful day at work. The bubbles and hot water jets loosens up cramped muscles and soothes away aches and pains. Its the perfect set up for a cracking nights sleep. However, you do need to keep the water clean and safe for [...]

Happy Halloween! Have Fun At Your Friends Expense And Fill Your Hot Tub With Blood!

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With Halloween being today why not have a bit of scary fun! For those of you looking for a twist for you seasonal Halloween party this year why not consider trying some blood red Party Pool and transform your swim spas or hot tubs  into a blood filled vampire retreat! Party pool is a temporary [...]

Swim spas are the latest trend for healthy living

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The reason behind the popularity of swim spas is that they have the advantage of  being contained in a compact and versatile unit. In our modern lives, swim spas are becoming more and more popular in homes over the UK. Swim spas can serve us in two ways. On one hand, they give us the [...]

Hot Tubs And Snow…

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This just goes to show that a hot tub can in fact be used all year round!

Revive Your Hot Tub Ready For The Christmas Party Season

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Hot tubs are not cheap pieces of equipment by any means, they need be looked after and serviced well, especially in time for the winter months and the Christmas party season! At Christmas we all love a party, whether it be held at home or a club. Either way what better way to end a [...]

Get Your Hot Tubs Serviced Before The Winter Properly Kicks In

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Hot Tub servicing is vital for this time of year, we leave no stone un turned when looking for leak’s, plumbing problems and making sure your hot tub works in perfect condition all ready for the winter weather kicks in. We pride ourselves in our complete thorough approach and look forward to looking after your [...]

Should You Keep The Hot Tub Running Through The Winter?

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Now the cold has really set in, no more heatwaves scheduled – in fact snow is on the weather agenda now. Brrrrrrr. Depending on how much you use you hot tub will decipher the amount of work that you need to make on it to keep it running economically and safely over the winter months [...]

Hot Tub Exercise Guide For All Ages

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Exercising in your hot tub offers a healthy, fun way to relax, improve muscle tone, and ease muscle tightness. Hot tub exercises provide simple physical exertion that can promote tension release and relaxation. There are hot tub exercises that will allow you to concentrate on particular muscles or relax your entire body. Although all the [...]

Hot tub scare machine: Daredevils dangle from the Gueuroz Bridge in Switzerland

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The breathtaking stunt was organised by a group of “extreme jacuzzi” fanatics who dangled 39m off the side of the 189m Gueuroz Bridge using cables and ropes. The 25 participants abseiled onto the platform to enjoy the bath and a breathtaking view of Trient Gorge, complete with champagne and cake. It took six hours to [...]

Hot Tubs Are Perfect For Relaxing Post Brighton Marathon Training!

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Relaxing in hot tubs has to be the best part of training for the Brighton Marathon! Most marathon runners will now have started their training. Hot tub therapy has long been a favourite of athletes for the relief of post-training muscle soreness, strain, and injuries. Even if you’re not an athlete, staying active, whether it’s [...]

Hot Tips for Landscaping Around Hot Tubs

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For a lot of families, hot tubs complete any home! Installation is a lot easier and all you really need is to ensure is that you have the space in your garden and the ground be level! The preferable base for your hot tub is concrete or reinforced decking, plus good access to your electrics. [...]