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The Best Ways of Keeping Hot Tubs Clean

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The first piece of advice we can offer you is to use a hot tub cover, don’t waste money on a cheap and flimsy one, this contraption is key in keeping rubbish and animals out of your hot tub, and also keeping heat in which keeps your monthly heating costs down. You will need to [...]

Hot Tub Repairing In Weston Super Mare

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Nowhere is too far for us to travel in the UK. We trekked up to Weston Super Mare this week to fix a circuit board in a hot tub. Weston Super Mare is a stunning town which holds much of its original charm. There are lines of limestone houses, beautiful parks, the piers and of [...]

The Importance Of Water Jets In Your Hot Tubs!

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The number of water jets included in hot tubs will differ from model to model, so that is something important to take into account when looking to buy one. As a general rule, the higher the number of jets that a hot tub has, the greater massaging power it will offer – however, the quality [...]

Hot Tub Servicing and Hot Tub Repair Professionals

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Are you having problems with your hot tub or spa and are unsure what it could be? Leave it to Kiwi Spas – we will come and have a look, find the problem and fix it for you. We do all kinds of hot tub servicing and hot tub repairs such as repairing or cleaning [...]

Hot Tub Service in Tunbridge Wells – A Job Well Done!

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Yesterday we travelled up to Tunbridge Wells to visit a customer who had a problem with his hot tub not heating correctly. This is something that as a hot tub owner you don’t want, as there is nothing worse that climbing into a cold hot tub! We suggested that a full service would be best [...]