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Finding The Right Hot Tub For You!

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When you look into buying a hot tub you need to set a budget. For a top of the range hot tub you could pay over 10K for it with all the add ons such as Tv, surround sound stereo, extra lighting etc. It really is amazing that you can add on such luxuries in [...]

Why Are Hot Tubs Good For You?

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Hot tubs use a combination of heat, bubbles, and massage from the jets to help de-stress and take away the strains from every day life. It has been scientifically proven that regular use of hot tubs improve you general mood and well being, which in turn helps us sleep and makes us happier more productive [...]

Think about YOUR needs when buying a hot tub

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Buying a hot tub can be like a minefield if you dont know what size or make you are after. So here is some points to think about when looking to buy one! There a lot of different sizes of hot tubs on the market, some have recliner seats with fewer jets, other more jets, [...]

Lift your mood in January and buy a hot tub.

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We all love December and the build up to Christmas. We are constantly eating rich foods and drinking far too much alcohol throughout the month added on with late nights courtesy of Christmas Parties that all seem to start kicking off on the 1st Dec! Then before we know it – its the first week [...]

The Beauty Of Hydrotherapy And Hot Tubs

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What is  Hydrotherapy? It is the merging of heat, massage and weightlessness which delivers a sensation that relaxes the mind and body, but also heals. With an increased number of jets strategically placed for maximum benefit, hot tubs offer a supreme massaging therapy that increases the blood flow and aids circulation, reduces muscle strain after [...]

Christmas Is The Perfect Time For Enjoying Your Hot Tub!

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A lot of people associate relaxing in hot tubs along with sunny weather only, when really, hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round! It is a wonderfully relaxing experience any time of the year, more so when it is ice cold and snowy outside. With the beautiful Christmas fairy lights everywhere around you and [...]

Creating A Decked Home For Your Hot Tub

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Hot tubs are such a great addition to your home and can work really well with bringing the family closer together as the time spent in hot tubs are undisturbed without any electronic goods interrupting. But first you need to create the holding ground for it and what better looking way than to deck the [...]

Hot Tub Repairing In Weston Super Mare

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Nowhere is too far for us to travel in the UK. We trekked up to Weston Super Mare this week to fix a circuit board in a hot tub. Weston Super Mare is a stunning town which holds much of its original charm. There are lines of limestone houses, beautiful parks, the piers and of [...]

Energy Saving Tips For You Hot Tubs And Swim Spas

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As we know heat rises,  it is very important to buy a a good quality hot tub cover to stop the heat escaping as we want the heat to remain in the hot tub to keep the temperature up and not out into the open! If the hot tub cover is past its sell by [...]

Treat Your Loved One A Hot Tub This Christmas

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Are you stuck for ideas of what to buy your loved one for Christmas this year? Let us help you make that decision – why not look into purchasing a hot tub. We cant think of a better way to enjoy your Christmas bubbly than chilling out in a brand new hot tub, or entertaining [...]

A Simple Guide To Buying The Right Hot Tub For You

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So now you decide to make the move and add some luxury into your life in the form of buying a hot tub! You have the perfect garden spot planned out, but filling it needs to be research properly to make sure you pick the right sized hot tub for your needs! The size of [...]