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Covering Your Hot Tub for Efficiency & Safety

Hot tub covers are a very important purchase that should come hand in hand when you buy a hot tub as it protects your tub from any outdoor enemies that you really don’t want going in there. There a several different standards of covers ranging from just a thermal cover, soft top covers and vinyl hard top covers. We only sell the vinyl hard top covers as these are the best and do everything that a cover should including keeping the water warmer throughout the winter months saving you a lot of money on having to reheat the hot tub massively.

It is definitely worth it when it comes to spending a little more money on a hot tub cover as it will last you many years, you do need to keep the cover clean and look after it though.

Buying a vinyl hard cover is probably the best way to keep your hot tub locked up properly away from your children so they are not tempted in letting themselves in to the tub unsupervised. Children can get a little over excited with water so it best to ensure they are not able to go into the hot tub without an adult present to keep an eye on them.

Every year thousands of children are killed or injured from accidental drowning in hot tubs. Locking your hot tub with a key will ensure the protection of your children.

With every hot tub you buy from Kiwi Spas we give away a vinyl hard top cover for free!

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