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Finding The Right Hot Tub For You!

When you look into buying a hot tub you need to set a budget. For a top of the range hot tub you could pay over 10K for it with all the add ons such as Tv, surround sound stereo, extra lighting etc. It really is amazing that you can add on such luxuries in the modern age of technology that we are in! When you start adding these gadgets though, be prepared to start adding on the £££s as they are not cheap add ons. Also before you get carried away with Tvs etc, you should think about the fact that part of having a hot tub is to socialise more with your family or partner, with a TV you will just switch off again (as relaxing as that would be!)

The next phase is to decide whereabouts in the garden you will want the hot tub to go so draw out an area in your garden with the correct measurements to see how big the space needs to be. Then the surface will need to be flattened and ensure it will be able to take the full weight of the hot tub with water in as it will weigh several tons.

Once all the ground work is done, you need to decide how big the hot tub should be. If you have lots of parties and friends, and have enough room to keep a large hot tub then you should be thinking about a 9 seater hot tub to keep you and your friends happily seated and entertained. The Canterbury hot tubs are perfect for heavy entertaining and hold up to 9 people. If you are not wanting to share the experience with your friends and want it just for you and a loved one then one much smaller than that is needed as the bigger the hot tub the more cost incurred to keep it heated and to look after it properly. The perfect one for you would be the Taupo or the Dunedin depending on the number of jets you would like and of course the budget you have.

If you are looking to buy a hot tub, come to Kiwi Spas Showroom and wet test one, and ask as many questions as you need. We will be able to guide you and help you pick the perfect hot tub for you or call on 01903 753444.


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