What to consider when choosing your Hot Tub and Spa

Congratulations, you’re well on your way to owning your very own hot tub or swim spa, we just need to help you to choose the right one. Here’s some helpful tips from Kiwi Spas to ensure that your spa meets your exact needs:
What do you need? 
Do you want to relax in a hot tub or exercise in a swim spa? Choosing the right one for you depends on your needs and some of our swim spa models allow you to do both with a seating area at one end like this one. Click here to view our range.
Who is it for?
Is your hot tub or swim spa for you and your partner to enjoy? Or do you hope to have friends over, or do you have a family? Then you need to consider how many seats you want to have.
How much space do you have?
Do you know already where you want to put your hot tub or swim spa? If not, have a look around your garden and find the most convenient place, then measure the area to see which ones will fit, this will enable you to see what your options are. 
Please note: If your hot tub is going to sit on an existing deck, check with a local contractor to make sure it's strong enough.

Do you want privacy?
When choosing a space don’t forget about the fact that you may want privacy from your neighbours or the general public for when you’re enjoying your hot tub or swim spa and for when you are getting in and out. You might also want it near to the back door in case you need to go to the bathroom, as you’ll want a quick dash in the winter months.
Or if your garden is overlooked, or if you want a cosy feel or to protect yourself from the elements, then you can choose from our range of hot tub canopies or gazebos. 
Would you like a spa with a view?
When you choose the location don’t forget to think about the view you will enjoy once you are sitting in it. For example, do you want to see trees rather than look at the back of your house or a fence? 
Have you thought about lighting?
Either before you make your purchase or afterwards you might want to think about lighting for when you use your hot tub or swim spa after dark, as you will need enough light to be able to remove/replace the cover and climb in and out safely. 
Have you thought about delivery?
You need to consider the practicalities of getting your hot tub spa or swim spa to your chosen destination. Do you have a side gate? Or will it need to go through a property? If you’re unsure about the logistics, then speak to us, as we can provide advice and work with chosen suppliers, such as, crane companies to help get your spa where you want it.

Have you thought about style and comfort?
You have a number of choices with regards to size, seating (bench or recliner), colour (click here to view those available) and many other optional extras.
Do you want bells and whistles?
At Kiwi Spas we don’t believe in supplying basic hot tubs, all of our hot tubs come with some fantastic features already at no extra cost to you, including: LED lights, Ozone water purification system and a waterfall feature as standard, as well as stainless steel jets (except on Taupo and Blenheim). However, you can also choose a built in sound system, air blower or corner lights on the external corners of the cabinet.

How much would you like to be massaged?
How powerful would you like your massage experience to be? This depends on the number of jets you choose for your hot tub spa:
  • The minimum number for our range is 21 jets = Gentle massage
  • The maximum number for our range is 65 jets = Powerful massage
At Kiwi Spas, we make sure that if you have more jets that there is enough pump power to provide the desired effect, this is not standard for all manufacturers.
Have you thought about maintenance?
A hot tub or swim spa will need regular maintenance. Chemicals keep the water sanitised but you will still need to drain it every few months. Look for easy access to drains where you can attach a hose. Regular maintenance on filters will keep the system operating correctly. 
Would you like a test drive?
If you would like to see or try one of a spa before buying, then come and see us at our showroom in Lancing, West Sussex. We can also answer any other questions you may have.
Do you still have any questions? 
Then call now on 01903 753444 and she will be able to help you, or request a free call back. We also have a showroom in Lancing, near Worthing, West Sussex, which is only 11 miles from Brighton, so feel free to pop over to have a chat.
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